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Well, the very first beer cans were sold in the United States by the G. Krueger Brewing Company in 1935. Any beer can produced from that date until the introduction of the aluminum pull top is considered a vintage beer can. The exact year when the pull top was introduced varies depending on the country and even the brewer. The Pittsburgh Brewing Company in the United States was the first in 1962, but some countries did not fully adopt the pull top until around 1970.

I am always interested in buying beer cans for my collection!

I collect flat top and cone top beer cans from all countries, but I have a special interest in British and European cans.

Please contact me and let me make an offer for your vintage beer cans.

I generally respond within 24 hours, and I pay cash on the spot for anything I need for my collection!

Thanks for visiting my website.  While you are here, please take a look at a few items from my collection, representing the United Kingdom and Japan.  Other countries will be added in the future, so please check back!

All have at least one thing in common - a special opener was required in order to get at the contents. In general, there were two types of cans:

The cone top beer can had a conical-shaped lid sealed by a "crown cork", which was opened with a device much the same as today’s bottle opener. The fact that the cone top was similar in shape to a bottle was its principle advantage - it was more economical for small brewers since it could be filled by existing bottling equipment with relatively minor modifications.

The flat top beer can, as the name suggests, had a flat lid which would be pierced by a special opener known by various names, such as "church key" in the United States.  Because consumers were initially unfamiliar with the new "church key", many of the earliest flat tops carry instructions on how to open the can.  The principle advantage of the flat top was its ability to be stacked, which made it easier to transport and store.

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