Welcome to globalbeercans.com, a website dedicated to collecting vintage beer cans from around the globe!


Although I was first introduced to beer can collecting during the U.S. fad of the mid-seventies, I suppose my beer can collection really got its start in 1987 when, as a college student, I began a one year study-abroad program in France.  Although I was allegedly in France to study, I spent much of my time backpacking around Europe by train.  Like many travelers, I felt compelled to save a memento from each place I visited, but being a poor student I was on a very tight budget.   So, I came to the pragmatic realization that buying and drinking the local canned beer not only quenched the thirst, but the empties also made very economical souvenirs!

I have since traveled to over 35 countries, and although I am no longer a poor student, I still find myself buying, drinking, and saving empty beer cans from my travels. On top of that, I have built a sizeable collection of "vintage" beer cans from all over the world. Please visit my Home Page to learn more about vintage beer cans!

My vintage beer can collection has been built through contacts with innumerable people, not only fellow collectors but many non-collectors as well who have come across old beer cans in their attic, or from their Uncle who worked at the brewery, etc. I have even traveled to Japan and Europe to visit collector friends and buy cans!

I hope you enjoy your visit to my website. If you have any vintage beer cans then please contact me - I have been collecting for 15+ years, so I hope to be able to answer any questions you may have, and to also make you a generous offer if you are interested in selling.